Written by admin on Feb 20, 2012

Prayer is the source of every Christian’s life, as we lift our hearts in praise, seek His guidance, protection, and power.

Let us and others pray for you. Post your prayer in the comment section below.

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  • Teresa Berrong December 31, 2012 am31 3:02 am . Reply

    My dear friend of many years has been battling cancer for the past year and has developed an infection behund his chemo-port. The doctors have said there is nothing more they can do. Please pray for God’s will in his life and pray for his precious family in this terrible time.

    • admin January 1, 2013 pm31 1:51 pm . Reply

      Praying for your friend Teresa, and you. Also, We will possibly be live streaming the series to members only. However we really would like people to come if they can. On another note, I was hoping that sometime in the near future, maybe after the series ends I can come by and pray with you and visit with you. God bless you Teresa,

  • KaRan McLin-Collins June 8, 2013 pm30 12:21 pm . Reply

    Please pray for Cindy Daniels and her family. And that her work schedule (nursing) will change to allow her to attend church.

    Please pray for a hedge to be placed around my children as well as myself for the enemy is busy.

    Praise God for all the chances He gives, and the the love He lavishes on us!

  • John Di Crasto January 22, 2016 am31 8:50 am . Reply

    William H. Sanford of Gilford, Mississippi is thinking about going to a SDA church and I pray that he walks into your church. He is a friend of mine, a book writter on scriptures and has Youtube videos about the bible but has no church to attend. Pray that he walks in your church and sees the truth he needs. It is my prayer. God bless.

  • John October 21, 2016 am31 6:54 am . Reply


    I request prayer for God to prove to me that my heart is still receptive to the Holy Spirit working on my heart to be converted to being willing to follow God. For evidence to know if my heart can still be drawn to a relationship with God. That when he shows me that it still is, that he help me take seriously his working on my heart and do all he wants me to do to form a relationship with him. Please pray,

    Thank You,

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